Technical Supervision

ITC Engineering LLC performs the technical supervision of construction in accordance with the Instruction No. 40 dated 04.08.2020 issued by the Resolution of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus:

  • control of the works quality performed by the contractor, of the correctness of calculating the cost of construction at current prices, keeping a cumulative list of work volumes
  • control of compliance by contractors with the technology of construction and installation works, with the regulatory requirements, compliance of the work performed with the design documentation, recommendations and instructions from manufacturers of materials and equipment
  • control of the fulfillment of instructions, regulations, requirements of state bodies and services by construction and installation organizations
  • supervision over the compliance of construction work, materials employed, items, structures with the requirements of technological regulations and approved design documentation
  • examination of hidden works
  • acceptance of construction works performed
  • intermediate acceptance of critical structures, equipment
  • checking of the volume of completed construction work, commissioning work
  • control over the implementation by the contractor of the instructions of the developer of the design documentation when implementing the architectural supervision, elimination of violations indicated in the work logs and architectural supervision logs

We perform:

  • Technical supervision of civil works
  • Technical supervision of water supply and sewerage works
  • Technical supervision of installation of internal heat supply networks, ventilation and air-conditioning, external heat supply networks
  • Technical supervision of gas supply works
  • Technical supervision of electric power supply and automation works
  • Technical supervision of communications and alarm system installation works

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