Support for the construction of private houses and apartments

We all know that a real man must do three things in his life: build a house, plant a tree and raise a son. In terms of "plant a tree" and "raise a son", as a rule, everyone succeeds. But to build a house so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful for the wasted years, money and nerves, not many succeed.

Construction of an individual residential building or, as they say now, a cottage, a cozy apartment in a modern high-rise building or townhouse is a long and complicated procedure for people who are not professionally connected with this. There are a large number of legislative and technical regulations without compliance with which the design and construction process is delayed for many years. Working with design and construction organizations, going to government authorities, choosing and buying building materials, and much, much more make the path to your dream home very thorny.

The experience gained by the specialists of our company allows the customer to solve the task with the least effort and money.

We provide a full range of engineering services at all stages of the construction of private houses and apartments:

  • Conducting initial consultations with the Customer in order to develop a sequence of actions for the construction of an individual residential house or apartment
  • indicative budget calculation
  • selection of a land plot and assistance with its acquisition and registration
  • obtaining the necessary permits and approvals from government agencies
  • selection of a design organization, designer or personal architect
  • maintaining and managing the design process
  • selection of a contractor or construction workers (teams)
  • construction management
  • technical construction supervision
  • assistance in the selection and purchase of building materials, equipment, furniture and interior items
  • assistance in obtaining title documents for the constructed property
  • assistance in the selection of service personnel (garden and lawn care, maintenance of water and electricity systems, sewerage, automatic irrigation, and so on).

Services are provided both in a complex and separately, depending on the needs of a particular customer.

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Why We Are Worth to Be Chosen:

Professional team

More than 30 highly qualified specialists with an 25 years average work experience in construction

Projects of any complexity

More than 80 successfully completed projects

First Category Сertificate

for the right to provide engineering services for construction projects of 1-4 complexity classes

We have been working since 2008

More than 13 years at the engineering services market