• Project Name: Nesvizh Baby Food Plant, Nesvizh
  • Location: Nesvizh, Belarus
  • Services: General designer
  • Implementation period: 2013-2016
  • Client: "Nesvizh Baby Food Plant" LLC

A modern export-oriented dairy processing enterprise (41 200 m2) with an installed capacity of 500 tons of milk received per day, which is a socially significant project in the Republic of Belarus for the production of a wide range of high-quality dairy and fermented milk products for baby food based on raw milk of the highest grade and class ” extra “.

The latest production technology provides for the release of dairy and sour-milk products with the highest possible degree of food safety for children of all age categories. Recipes for yoghurts, creamy curds, dairy drinks and other milk products are developed and manufactured taking into account the specifics of children’s nutrition, their needs for growth and successful development.