• Project Name: Danone. Milk processing plant, Shklov
  • Location: Shklov, Belarus
  • Services: Integrated investment and construction activities Management, General designer
  • Implementation period: 2009-2011
  • Client: "Unimilk Shklov" JLLC (today "Danon Shklov" JLLC)

Reconstruction of the unfinished construction of the main production building on the territory of the Shklov butter-making plant for the line for the production of pasteurized milk and mixtures for industry. (1 800m2)

“Danon Shklov” JLLC specializes in the production of fermented milk products. At the moment, the enterprise is equipped with modern lines for the production of pasteurized milk, sour cream and yoghurts. The plant processes at least 150 tons of milk per day and produces 86-90 tons of sour cream, yoghurts and pasteurized milk (“Prostokvashino” brand).