• Project Name: Danone. Milk processing plant, Pruzhany
  • Location: Pruzhany, Belarus
  • Services: Integrated investment and construction activities Management, general designer
  • Implementation period: 2009-2011
  • Client: "UNIMILK Pruzhany" JLLC (today "Danone Pruzhany" JLLC)

Reconstruction of the whole-milk products department of “UNIMILK Pruzhany” JLLC.

“Danone Pruzhany” JLLC is one of the most successful and developed enterprises in the Brest region for the production of pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized milk, as well as milkshakes (brands: Prostokvashino, Knyaz Vezhich, Smeshariki, Rastishka, Danissimo). The production capacity of the plant is able to process up to 350 tons of milk per day.

In terms of industrial efficiency, “Danone Pruzhany” JLLC is one of the three best plants of Danone in the CIS.